Energy companies are working under increasingly complex conditions viz. Uncertainties of technologies, Project Execution, Regulatory Policies and hence investments. We help organizations to lower energy costs, reduce risk and explore innovative and market-proven solutions. We support in all technical, commercial, regulatory, contracting aspects of wind and solar energy project. A strength of our team is the ability to combine strategic, financial and technical advice as an integrated consultancy service to renewable energy sector clients in India. Our sector experts and associates are qualified in a wide range of commercial, engineering, economic and financial disciplines.

We advise on all technical, commercial, regulatory and project management of renewable projects.

Identifying profitable investment opportunities and accurately assessing project risk requires an in-depth understanding of major market drivers, performance benchmarking, and project finance. We possess the critical analytical skills and industry experience necessary for realizing successful investment strategies. Whether you are deciding on where to invest, how to invest or what to invest in, our insights into the renewable energy industry in India will guide your team towards well-informed decisions that lead to value-creating investments.

Detailed Project Feasibility Report (DPR): 

Our specialists undertake energy yield analysis on Wind and PV plants, producing bankable P50, P75 and P90 AEP estimations to deliver a robust and accurate financial model.

Owner's Engineer

As an owner’s engineer or representative, we will ensure to optimize returns on your investment. Our techno-commercial management expertise will help to reaching your goals. We can support you in following areas- Lender reviews and supplier offer reviews, Negotiation support, Contract checks for Solar PV or Wind Turbine supply, O&M, Engineering, Construction Monitoring, Performance Reviews

Lender's Engineer

Energy yield independent review of solar and wind power plant and Balance of Plant, Suitability assessment, Interconnection & transmission assessments, Evaluation of suppliers / contractors, Permitting / environmental review, Review of project contracts, Financial model review

Technical Due Diligence of Technology and Project

The team identifies and recommends suitable technology, optimization recommendations

Technical Consulting service from Start to Commissioning to O&M

We deploy our experienced engineers at your projects to ensure long-term health of physical project assets and to reduce equipment downtime, identifying under-performing assets, investigating underlying causes, and implementing solutions and innovations to optimize power curve performance and maximize energy capture.

Advise on Project Sale and Acquisition

  • Complete Techno-commercial due diligence of wind and solar assets

Customized Research in Wind and Solar Advisory on Project Permits

Energy Trading: Arrangement of Corporate/Third Party PPA

  • Managing power purchase agreements, REC sales and other commercial and energy sale agreements.
  • Negotiating favorable financial terms and sales in the merchant market.
  • Keeping an expert eye on forecasting and day ahead pricing.

Support in Wind and Solar Tariff Bidding / Auctions

Support in Type Certification and MNRE-RLMM Certification

In India, wind turbine OEM must enlist the wind turbine model/s in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). Our team has a strong experience of the technical requirements and procedure of RLMM listing.

Statutory requirements for setting up wind and solar projects